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2. Legal Disclaimer

  1. The constituent elements on the site are for the purpose of introduction of NCP and also for the purpose of providing the information to investors and investee companies but not for the purpose of soliciting the investors. Any information on the site should not be considered as sales approach of investment products or securities, investment advisory service, soliciting the contract with NCP and other general soliciting activities. We do not intend to persuade the investors to judge the investment.
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3. Link to the other web site

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NCP is conscious of importance on protection of private information. In order to respond to the trust of shareholders, investors and investee companies, NCP complies with Private Information Protection Law, other related Act and the below-mentioned Privacy Policy and does its best to handle the private information properly.

1. Collection of Personal information

NCP might collect the private information including names, address, date of birth, employer, phone number, e-mail address and the other necessary information from the investee companies, candidates of investee companies, investors, possible investors and the clients, but only for the below-mentioned purpose.

2. Purpose for use of personal information

Personal Information will be used to the limits necessary for the purposes listed below in executing the business activities, and the use of such information shall not exceed the limits defined by the subject Law.

  1. for the purpose of setting up and managing the funds
  2. for the purpose of investment study and investment judgment on the candidate investee companies
  3. for the purpose of providing the consulting services to increase the enterprise value of investee companies
  4. for the purpose of funds management including the sales of securities owned by the funds and associated administrative work
  5. for the purpose of judgment on recruiting by NCP/investee companies and HR management after recruitment
  6. for the purpose of responding to the queries regarding NCP’s business
  7. for the purpose of smooth and proper business operation related to the above-mentioned

3. Appropriate access to the personal information

NCP will not collect the personal information by fraudulent or other illegal means.

4. Secure information control

NCP will update the personal information accurately and in a timely manner. NCP will take appropriate information security measures in order to protect the leakage, loss and destruction of personal information.

5. Limited Disclosure of Personal information to the Thrid Party

NCP will not supply or disclose the personal information to third parties except in case

  1. that the he/she has agreed beforehand with the disclosure of his/her personal information
  2. that the personal information is disclosed based on related Law
  3. that NCP is asked by the government/local public authority to supply the personal information to complete their task, however, notice of information use to the subject party might affect the completion of their task.
  4. that such information disclosure is required to save someone’s life or protect someone’s property, however, it is hard to get the consent from the subject person/party on such information use.
  5. that information disclosure is made but in the form of statistic data that it is difficult to identify the subject person/party
  6. that the information disclosure is made to the party which is below “outcome of personal information control” -described.
  7. that the Private Information Protection Law and other related Act allow us to supply/disclose the personal information

6. Outsource of personal information control

When NCP fully outsources the personal information control or a part of it to the 3rd party, we strictly check the subject 3rd party beforehand and also the appropriate monitoring of the subject 3rd party is continued to protect the outsourced personal information.

7. Disclosure of personal information

When the disclosure of personal information is asked by himself/herself in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Computer-Processed Personal Data Held by Administrative Organs, NCP will confirm his/her identification and supply the information.

8. Correction, deletion of personal information

When the correction, addition or deletion of personal information which is held by NCP in accordance with Private Information Protection Law is asked by himself/herself, NCP will check his/her identification and investigate whether the information is connected. If not, necessary action such as correction, addition or deletion is taken immediately.

9. Contact

Please use the following request form if you would send us the claim mentioned in the above 8, 9, queries on our information security/control and other queries on the methods of our information control. Please note we might not respond to your claim/query which is sent to us in any other ways.

Contact us

10. Revision of privacy policy

The privacy policy will be reviewed as necessary and can be fully or partly revised depending on the change of related Law and the change of environment of information technology. Any major change will be notified on the homepage as necessary.

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