Prior to launching Next Capital Partners, Mr. Tateishi acted as Managing Director at Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan (“IRCJ”).
At IRCJ, the projects Mr. Tateishi was fully involved with include Miyano, manufacturer of machine tools.
Among 41 deals supported by IRCJ, Miyano was the only transaction which successfully exited through IPO.
Mr. Tateishi also dealt with the other 4 companies and realized the turnaround of all of them quickly: Miyano case took 2.5 years to realize the IPO.
And the profit share incentives related to the ordinary profit and the stock option was introduced to the employees of Miyano, which successfully increased the company's profitability.
The same methodologies are applied for all NCP's investee companies as well.

Previously, Mr. Tateishi, Managing Director at PwC, established Phoenix Capital together with Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi and became Co-CEO.
Mr Tateishi's idea that the bank can also utilize the private-equity fund to turn their money into risk money became the model for the Japanese banks which followed and created the PE funds and the restructuring funds later.

Prior to PwC FAS, Mr. Tateishi had over 16 years experience at former Bank of Tokyo (currently MUFG Bank).
The responsibility included the FX risk management, securitization of bank's owned real estate properties. Mr. Tateishi was also seconded to Union Bank (currently Union Bank of California) in California and played an important role in the M&A and advisory services.
At that time, Mr. Tateishi developed the relationship with Lone Star which came to the Japanese market and acquired the loan bulk first and introduced them to Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (currently MUFG Bank).

The other companies Mr. Tateishi successfully revitalized prior to IRCJ are:- Ichida (at Pheonix Capital), Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (at Pheonix Capital), Footwork (PwCFAS), Kofuku Bank (PwCFAS) etc.

Representative Director of Echigo Futon Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director of Wish Corporation
Representative Director of Yokomo Co., Ltd.
Representative Director of FD Bay Holding Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director of Iki Co., Ltd.
Representative Director of Olive Co., Ltd.

Mr, Tateishi received an M.B.A. from University of Chicago and holds a bachelors degree in Economics from Tokyo University (he is from Yamaguchi prefecture).
Member of Security Analyst Association of Japan

Managing Director

Mr. Asano is one of the foundation member for A-FIVE (Agriculture, forestry and fisheries Fund corporation for Innovation,
Value-chain and Expansion Japan), Sovereign Wealth Fund, and devoted himself to the principal / fund investment for business restructuring,
supply chain management, etc.
Prior to A-FIVE, Mr. Asano was involved with business revitalization at the JV company of DBJ (Development Bank of Japan) and Gordon Brothers.

Director of Wish Corporation
Director of FD Bay Holding Co.,Ltd.
Director of Iki Co., Ltd.
Director of Olive Co., Ltd.

Mr. Asano holds a bachelor degree in Faculty of Law from Chuo University (he is from Fukushima prefecture).

Managing Director

Mr. Minooka engaged in sales and corporate planning for M&A, strategic alliances, overseas expansion, etc. at Shiseido.
Later, at EY Advisory (currently EY Strategy & Consulting), Mr. Minooka engaged in consulting work in the areas of strategy and finance, including corporate management strategy, M&A and other investment decision support, profit improvement planning, and medium-term management planning.
Most recently, Mr. Minooka worked at Frontier Management as Managing Director, Head of M&A advisory department, where he was involved in advisory work for numerous M&A transactions in Japan and overseas.

Mr. Minooka received an M.B.A. from Keio University and holds a bachelors degree in Faculty of Law (Department of Political Science) from Keio University (he is from Tokyo).


Mr. Sasabe joined Ota-Showa Audit(Currently Shin-Nihon & Co.) after his graduation, and was in charge of financial audit for various industries such as manufacturing, telecommunication, and general construction. He was also engaged in the advisory work for IPO.
In 2008, Mr. Sasabe established his own firm, Hideki Sasabe CPA Office, and providing not only audit and review services but also providing other advisory services including BPR, cost reduction and J-SOX etc.

Executive Officer of Yokomo Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sasabe holds a Bachelor's degree in the faculty of Business Administration from Yokohama National University (he is from Tokyo).

Licensed CPA


Mr. Ohmori joined Yahoo! JAPAN in 2003 and was in charge of system developments, service planning, and business strategies for 13 years.
In 2016 Mr. Ohmori became independent and started various services such as being CTO of IT start-up company, construction for overseas EC site, and developing online customer marketing.
Also he is promoting flexible and strategic internet business with his broad IT and marketing skills and know-how.

Mr. Ohmori holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Seikei University(he is from Ibaraki prefecture).

SME Management Consultant


After having graduated the University, Mr. Nakajima was in charge of statutory audit including internal control, IFRS advisory services at AZSA audit firm.
Then Mr. Nakajima was involved with financial due diligence and planning for investments and business restructuring deals at KPMG FAS.

Auditor of Wish Corporation
Auditor of FD Bay Holding Co., Ltd.
Director of Olive Co., Ltd.

Mr. Nakajima holds a bachelor degree in School of Commerce, Waseda University (he is from Tokyo).

Licensed CPA


Prior to NCP, Mr. Teranishi has successful work experience at Long Black Partners Co., Ltd. He carried out investments in small and medium-sized companies from funds established by a regional bank for business succession and business turnaround.
Previously, Mr. Teranishi worked at A-FIVE (Agriculture, forestry and fisheries Fund corporation for Innovation, Value-chain and Expansion Japan), Sovereign Wealth Fund, and devoted himself to the investment in small and medium-sized companies of the food industry with regional banks.
Mr. Teranishi started his career at Mizuho Bank and was in charge of lending money to small and medium-sized companies, credit monitoring and restructuring of distressed companies, and development of sales channels for the various companies.

Director of Iki Co., Ltd.
Director of Olive Co., Ltd.

Mr. Teranishi holds a bachelor degree in Faculty of Agriculture from Kyoto University (he is from Kyoto prefecture).


Ms. Ryo started her career in accountancy at Deloitte China and Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, she oversaw various projects including international taxation and internal control.
Prior to NCP, Ms. Ryo also worked at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, she was mainly involved in provision of financial advisory and IFRS advisory services.

Ms. Ryo holds a master’s degree in international business administration from Rikkyo University


Assistant Manager

Accounting and business planning manager with a Japanese company in Vietnam.
Involved in all kinds of matter relating administration issues.

Mr. Taguchi holds a master degree in public policy from Tokyo University (he is from Hiroshima Prefecture).

Assistant Manager

Prior to NCP, Ms. Kure has successful work as a business consultant for SME, servicing such as DD, Financial monitoring and M&A advice at a local investment fund.

Executive Officer of Iki Co., Ltd.

Ms. Kure holds a bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Policy Management from Keio University (she is from Saga prefecture).

Assistant Manager

Mr. Kakihara was in charge of the management and collection of non-performing loans and the valuation of unsecured and secured loans at the Servicer of SMBC Group.

Mr. Kakihara holds a bachelor degree in School of Commerce, Meiji University (he is from Kanagawa prefecture).

SME Management Consultant
Real Estate Notary

IR/Fund administration

Prior to NCP, Ms. Matsubara was involved with HR management at a consulting office and real estate company.
Ms. Matsubara started her career at a foreign-affiliated medical device manufacturer.

Ms. Matsubara holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management from a university in the United States.

Labor and Social Security Attorney
Affiliated Financial Planner

Director of the Board

Mr. Yoshikawa is Director of the Board of NCP. He held several executive officer positions at MUFG Bank for over 10 years, including services as Director and Deputy President Executive Officer, etc. After joining the Bank of Tokyo (now MUFG Bank) in 1981, he served as General Manager and Head of the Hong Kong Branch, President of the China Office, and Co-Head of the International Division. He gained extensive knowledge of international business, especially in the Asia Pacific. After retiring in June 2019, he continued to oversee all aspects of the company's business operations as a full-time adviser to the Bank and Chairman of the Board of Directors at BOT Lease Co.

Mr. Yoshikawa holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Tokyo University (he is from Tokyo).

Director of the Board/Founding Partner

Prior to NCP, Mr. Hombo had over 23 years extensive experience at former Mitsubishi Bank (currently MUFG Bank).
Mr. Hombo was General Manager of Corporate Planning Division, Mitsubishi Asset Management (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management) and managed the restructuring of operation and reorganization, as well as business operation and strategic planning.
Mr. Hombo was also General Manager of Planning Division of BTM Asset Management (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management) and was involved with the merger with Mitsubishi Trust Asset Management.
Prior to the transfer to the asset management business, Mr. Hombo devoted himself to the restructuring of former Nippon Trust Bank (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank) and the merger of former Mitsubishi Trust Bank and former Tokyo Trust Bank and brought about the greater synergy effect in the post-merger operation.
Mr. Hombo was seconded to Union Bank of California and was involved with work-out, restructuring and M&A.
Mr. Hombo was also in charge of promoting the bank business with Japanese clients and treasury operation (money market, bond, forex, swap, ALM etc) in Singapore Branch.

Director of Echigo Futon Co.,Ltd.
Director of Wish Corporation
Director of Yokomo Co.,Ltd.
Director of FD Bay Holding Co.,Ltd.
Auditor of Iki Co., Ltd.
Auditor of FD Bay Holding Co., Ltd
Representative Director of Next Investment 1 Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Hombo received an M.B.A. from MIT Sloan School of Management and holds a bachelors degree in Law from Tokyo University (he is from Kagoshima prefecture).

Director of the Board

Mr.Kato is external director of NCP. He has over 20 years' experience in the banking and financial industry in Japan, Hong Kong, the PRC and Europe.
He began his career at The Bank of Tokyo Ltd. (currently The MUFG Bank, Ltd.) in 1982.
In 1988, he was seconded to Kincheng-Tokyo Finance Company Limited as a manager for a period of two years until 1990,when he joined Banque Indosuez (currently Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank).
He left Credit Agricole CIB in August 2005, and is currently the representative director and chief financial officer of Eco-Material Corporation,a Sino-Japanese clean technology venture in Japan.
Mr.Kato graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook with a bachelor's degree in arts, major in political science, in 1980.


Mr. Matsuda is an external auditor of NCP. Mr. Matsuda currently teaches 'Risk Management' at Master Course of Chiba Shoka University.
Mr. Matsuda established Matsuda & Partners in 2002.
He became a committee member of Tokyo Bar Associations and Japan Federation of Bar Association in 1999 and 2000, respectively.
Mr. Matsuda started his career as attorney at Baba & Sawada Law Office.

Mr. Matsuda holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Keio University (he is from Yamagata prefecture).
Mr. Matsuda also studied at Universiteit Leiden and was also visiting fellow at University of California at Berkeley.

Matsuda & Partners
Asahi seimei Otemachi Building 7F, 6-1, Otemachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Mr. Kotegawa is advisor of NCP. He was Executive Director of IMF for the period 2007-2010.
He has 32 year experience with Ministry of Finance Japan: he was Director General of Kanto Regional Finance Bureau for 2005-2006 and was also involved in setting up of IRCJ in 2003.
He was also in charge of nationalization of Nippon Credit Bank (1998, Department Chief at JFSA), liquidation of Sanyo Securities Co., Ltd and Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd (1997, Department head at Security Bureau of the Finance Ministry), US-Japan Framework Talks on bilateral trade (1993-1994), US-Japan Talks on structural reforms (1993), US-Japan Yen-Dollar Committee (1984) and negotiation on capital increase of World Bank (1983-84).

Mr. Kotegawa received an MBA from Stanford University and holds a Bachelor in Law from Tokyo University (he is from Oita Prefecture).


Mr. Takemoto is advisor of NCP. He has been advisor of Quantum Leap since 2006.
He has over 16 year experience at Sony Corporation since 1991.

Mr. Takemoto received an MBA from MIT and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Keio University